Part One Synopsis

The entrepreneur. The politician. The assassin. The child. All pioneers living deep in the Solar System, fighting, scheming, and praying to stay alive. MESH is an ensemble science fiction tale that intertwines the trials of four people living on the expanding frontier of deep space. 

Forty years after the disappearance of her father, Simi Duan has turned his ambitious vision into a corporate empire by constructing space stations. Her meteoric success has made her the target of militants, politicians, competitors, and eccentrics. 

Zahir Bard is a veteran diplomat in a government rapidly becoming obsolete. He agrees to supervise the burgeoning frontier, as much to protect his own legacy as to promote the bureaucracy that employs him. 

Skulking in the dark corners of man’s prefabricated outposts is mercenary Cyril Tarsi. He runs from a past that few remember toward a future where he can be forgotten. A string of dead bodies lie in his wake. 

Desmond Colson is a twelve-year-old boy who has bounced along humanity’s path into deep space. His family’s nomadic lifestyle has left him isolated and weary. He hopes their next move will be their last.

Their stories converge on a lavish new space station perched on the fringe of civilization and in the path of a mysterious, destructive force.   

By meshnovel

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