A few of my favorite things…

So as I prepare for the release of the first part of Mesh, I thought some people might be interested in my influences/process (and I have no real ideas what else to put on this blog that wouldn’t be too spammy or self-absorbed). 

I’ve always wanted to write a space opera and tried writing two different ones as a screenwriter. One was pretty well received and was briefly ranked first on a screenwriting forum site. But neither took off and they were really very adolescent now that I re-read them. 

With Mesh, I wanted to be a little more disciplined in writing this one. So to guide me through my many sticking points, I went down to my basement library and re-read sections of relevant books to help me through.

For structure and multiple perspectives, I re-read all of Mario Puzo’s Godfather. He breaks the novel into “Books” that all fit into a larger story. And he artfully balances the views of different characters. I hope I can be even a tenth as successful at it.

For balancing science with plot, I re-read the first third of Jurassic Park and Greg Bear’s Eon. 

For pacing, I re-read a few parts of DaVinci Code. My plot has no connection to his, and I like to think I do more with the character development, but who can deny the addictive pace of that book.

For tone, I re-read all of Rendezvous with Rama, the first half of 2001: A Space Odyssey and all of Ringworld. I also looked at parts of Kevin J. Anderson’s Saga of the Seven Suns.

Finally, I tried (for the umpteenth time) to read Asimov’s Foundation because it seems like a book that should influence me, but for the umpteenth time I couldn’t stick with it. Too dry. So I guess, in a way, it influenced me on how not to write my book. 



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