Musically speaking

A couple of posts back I discussed literature that helped guide/inspire me through writing Mesh. These writings were essential in getting me in the right mindset for approaching my story. But once I started writing, I still needed help focusing on my task.

With two boys under the age of four, a house needing lots of TLC, a full time job, and an assortment of other issues, it is easy for me to get distracted. What helped most to focus me while writing was music. Writing in silence or with the TV on in the background proved counterproductive, but specific types of music seemed to help.

Now most writers use music, so this is nothing new. Everyone has there favorite type for writing. For me, it was mainly soundtracks. Anything by John Williams, Hans Zimmer’s Batman and True Romance music, James Horner’s Star Trek 2 (and Krull) soundtracks, and even some Danny Elfman. Music with lyrics often proved as distracting as TV, with a few exceptions. Old standards, done by Count Basie, Sinatra, Martin, Durante, and Sam Cooke kept me going often. Also, for whatever reasons, any song by U2 and any cover by Scala and Kolacny Brothers (you probably heard their Creep cover in the Social Network Trailer) seemed to serve the same function as soundtrack music for me. 

Thank God for Itunes. 


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