Multiple Perspectives

If you scroll down to previous posts from the last month, you’ll see that I have written four “Character Mini-Bios.” The reason for these are twofold. 1) I don’t know what else to put up on the blog. 2) My book is written from the perspectives of these characters.

Some have asked why I wrote from so many different points of view– didn’t it get confusing to write, isn’t it confusing to read? The answers are yes and no. It was often confusing to write, especially since the writing was spread out over several years. To focus, I wrote each character separately. Then went back and fine tuned the transitions to get the style and flow to match. I don’t think it will be confusing to read because audiences are used to this type of storytelling. Lots of novels, especially older ones, tell stories from multiple points of view and I think it is often more engaging. 

I didn’t originally want to go this route, however. I was going to tell the entire story from young Dez’s POV and write it as a YA (because everyone loves YA, doncha know. All the cool kids are doing it). But Dez’s experiences were limited. So I needed to see Simi’s side of things, but then the story was unbalanced, so I wanted to add Zahir’s view. And then I realized that the underside of society was no being represented, and that’s how Cyril got his POV added. 

I think writing in this manner keeps the story moving at a decent clip, since you don’t get bogged down with one plot line. And I like how the story lines can cross and intertwine and separate again. 

Hopefully, the audience will agree. We’ll find out starting August 4th when the book is released. 


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