One More Week

In one week, on August 4th, I will be releasing Part One of the Mesh series, The Pioneers. It will be available through Amazon’s Kindle program only, at first. Though you don’t need a Kindle to read it, just the free Kindle App. 

Since the release date is getting near, I thought it might be a good time to thank a few people that helped get me to this point.

First and foremost, my wife. She has read several versions of the story, starting before we even got married (and she still married me, so that should be a good sign). More importantly, she had the patience with me while I continued working at this writing thing even when we had more immediate concerns: a wedding, a baby, a house, another baby. 

I also want to thank my brother-in-law for reading through several versions of Mesh and giving useful story and character feedback (as he’s done with many of my stories in the past).

Rebecca, for going through the entire manuscript line by line and fixing all of my issues, grammatical, structural, and otherwise.

Jen, for being a Beta reader for the first three parts of Mesh and taking the time to give me notes on the plot, characters, and dialogue.

The talented Ken for creating such an eye-catching cover (and several other options that were equally appealing. Tough to chose just one).

And, of course, the many other writers that have inspired me along the way. 

Hopefully, the story doesn’t let any of you down. 


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