Look at Me: Or How I Learned to Stop Hiding and Self-Promote

Like many writers, I am a bit of an introvert and often self-conscious about my work.  This makes self-publishing a bit problematic. For all the control self-publishing gives an author, it also requires them to do all the PR work themselves, which obviously can make or break a book’s success.

Added to the fact that free time is rare (and writers normally want to spend any free time they get writing) and the self-promotional aspect can become more discouraging than a first draft.

I’ve been trying to find some balance between self-promotion, writing, and everything else I have to do in the world. I have not succeeded, but I think I’ve made a good attempt at it.

I’ve decided to narrow my self-promotion to five fronts:

  1. This blog. A good place to post excerpts and extra info about the Mesh universe as each part is released. In the last month it has received over 400 views from eight different countries. 
  2. Twitter. I originally tried to use this just to follow other indie writers, but I’ve managed to get a following of almost 450. Still not sure if it will be any use in terms of selling the book.
  3. Facebook. Mainly, I didn’t want to make my personal page a defacto advertising page for the book, so I set up a separate page just for the book series. 
  4. Writer Forums. Lurking a bit on some writer forums with an eye to shout out about my book once it’s out. This is more a place to get marketing ideas from other writers. 
  5. Word of Mouth. This one’s out of my control, but it’s probably the most effective of all of them. So here’s hoping.

Part One comes out August 4th. 


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