That guy…

I’ve been writing since I was twelve because I like to create stories and characters, and I like to entertain people. I’ve been trying to make a living doing this since I was 22, primarily with screenplays. I’ve managed to get a short screenplay made into a short film and a few other scripts made some noise in various contests/fellowships/production companies.

To pay the student loans during this time I worked as a production assistant, background actor (even showing up as an animated background character in an episode of “King of the Hill), video store and classical music store supervisor, coach, and history teacher (currently).

I’ve since moved on from screenplays to short stories and now novellas.  Most of my stories contain science fiction or supernatural elements as well as a dark sense of humor.

Part One of Mesh, his science fiction series, will be released as an ebook this August through Kindle Direct Publishing.


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