So I’m giving Amazon’s new “Countdown” promo a try for my latest ebook. From today to next Friday, Mesh: The Other Side, will be on sale for $0.99. Take a look if you like space opera/sci fi. Thanks.


Amazon Countdown

So Amazon has a new promotion where you can discount your book for a brief amount of time and it will slowly rise back to its normal price over a set time. 

Starting tomorrow (11/5) at 11:00 am EST, Mesh: The Pioneers will be $0.99 for 36 hours and then $1.99 for the following 36 hours. Take a look if you haven’t already.


Tomorrow and Saturday, Part One of Mesh will be free on Amazon to mark the two month mark since its debut (and two months until Part Two’s debut). Please tell anyone you know that might like a decent scifi yarn.


Finished yet another complete rewrite of Part 3 with yet another  new ending. Just can’t decide exactly the tone I want to set to lead into Part 4. The copyedits for Part 2 are due in any day and the cover is in progress now. 

Meanwhile, I’m still writing a first draft of my supernatural Middle Grade book and in the outline phase for my YA fantasy book. 

Good thing I don’t have to also focus on a full time job, two kids, house, marriage… Oh wait…