Probably not a good sign that after writing a post about how I balance writing with kids, I have not been able to write a single word since. 

Kids, vacations, house projects, the like. No excuses. I need to try to write every day. 

Another reason for my writing distractions, I’ve been working hard to promote my book. I don’t want be spammy and constantly post/tweet/shout about my book, so I’ve been trying to get involved with writing communities (forums, writer groups, etc). This is nice and all, but very time consuming when my time to write is such a slender portion of my day (if at all). I love hearing and learning from other aspiring and working authors. I like reading their work and getting feedback on mine. But finding the balance between being a self-promoter, a community member, a writer, and a work-a-day schmuck gets a bit dicey.

I have no answers in this post. I just figured I should explain my absence. On the sales front, the book is doing okay. No where near as good as during the free promo, but steady. Reviews have been nice (though only a few so far). And I’m making good progress on Part 3 of Mesh. Should be done with this last draft next month. So I’ve go that going for me…which is nice.

Now I need go do some serious writing– writing the checks to pay the mortgage and utilities.


Low Expectations

Not sure where I expected the novel to go after the free promo. Going somewhere would help. It doesn’t help that people I count on for a solid review (wife, family) are filtered out by Amazon.

I guess I understand that practice to some degree, though it does seem a bit arbitrary to think that my family and friends can’t give sincere opinions on the book.

Anyhow, now I’m stuck a bit. I could start soliciting reviews from bloggers, etc, but since this is only the first part, I’m thinking I should wait until I release a couple more, or at least until I get some unbiased opinions on the book.

One bright spot, with few sales, I’ve broken my addiction to the Kindle report page. Now I can actually do some laundry and mow the lawn. Yay.