Mesh: Horizons, part three in the sci-fi series, is due out in just over a month. The final edits are being done, and the cover is in the works. I will be doing a free promo for parts 1 and 2 soon to allow people to catch up. Stay tuned…

Amazon Countdown

So Amazon has a new promotion where you can discount your book for a brief amount of time and it will slowly rise back to its normal price over a set time. 

Starting tomorrow (11/5) at 11:00 am EST, Mesh: The Pioneers will be $0.99 for 36 hours and then $1.99 for the following 36 hours. Take a look if you haven’t already.


Promo Aftermath

The free promo for Mesh: The Pioneers is over and I would say it was a success. When I decided to do KDP Select (which runs 90 days), I had low expectations of 250 downloads. Realistic ones of 500, and high hopes for 1000. In 72 hours, the book was dl’ed 408 times. 

Now, I need to be patient for some reviews (hopefully good ones) and maybe a few paid downloads. I’ve had 6 paid dl’s so far. Now if I did the nook, smashwords, Apple, wattpad, would it have been more or less successful? Hmm.