Looking forward to a productive year in 2014, which probably means I just jinxed myself into abysmal failure (as opposed to my normal failure). The Kindle Countdown promo for Mesh: The Other Side was more successful that I anticipated which was a nice way to end 2013. It even spiked sales for Part One a bit. 

Currently, I have Part Three of Mesh out to the editor, with hopes of getting that one available in mid to late spring. I hope to have a print copy of Parts 1 through 3 ready for mid-summer. I’m working on a first draft of a Middle Grade supernatural book that hope to have completed, and through a couple rounds of revisions, by early Fall. If all those go according to planned, I’d like to start working on a Young Adult book by next Christmas.

I’m sure that can get done with two kids under age 4, two properties to maintain, a full time job, some part time work, and the normal mundane chores. Here’s hoping…